Pine Hill Farms - Christmas Tree Care
The Care and Feeding of Your Christmas Tree

Please don't rely on rumor or urban legend! Follow these simple guidelines instead. 

We guarantee that your tree will look fabulous through New Year's. Needle loss will be minimal, even if you purchase your tree early in the season.

Despite what you have seen on Mythbusters, there is no conclusive evidence that using aspirin, soda, mouthwash, etc., will keep your tree fresh longer.

In fact, in our 22 years in business, we have seen the best results from plain water. Your tree does not need "nutrients" or chemicals—it needs water.
  1. The first time you water your tree, use boiling water. This will dissolve any resin on the cut end of the stump.
  2. Keep your Christmas tree watered at all times! If your tree is not taking up water, more than likely the stump dried and resin (tree sap) has sealed the cut. Try boiling water again.
  3. DO NOT put any additives into the tree's water! Use plain water from your tap.
  4. Keep your tree away from blowing air and heat: fireplaces, heat registers, fans, space heaters, etc.
  5. Use only UL-approved lights and other electric decorations on your tree. Check for frayed wires and do not overload your electrical outlets.

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