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538 Pine Hill Circle
Tarrant, AL 35217  |  205-841-6766

COVID-19 Information

We want your visit to be safe and fun! We are following state regulations to keep our staff and customers safe from COVID-19 transmission. Please be prepared to abide by all of our safety regulations.

  • We encourage mask use at all times.
  • You MUST wear a mask when you are inside the gift shoppe (except for children age 2 and under). If you are unable or unwilling to wear a mask inside, please do not enter the shoppe.
  • A limited number of customers will be allowed in the shoppe at a time. During high-volume times, please send in ONE person from your party to pay for your purchases.
  • You MUST also wear a mask outside if you are within (6) feet of someone not from your household OR you are gathered with 10 or more people.