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538 Pine Hill Circle
Tarrant, AL 35217  |  205-841-6766


CLOSED FOR THE 2020 SEASON. Our farm is not accessible to the public once we close out the season.


We have free parking, but keep in mind that parking may be limited during the afternoon and early evening hours on the weekends.


We are conveniently located just minutes from downtown Birmingham near Fultondale, a few miles from I-65. If you do not have a GPS system, we recommend using Google Maps for accurate turn-by-turn directions as well as alternate routes.  Google Maps also can show you actual photographs of Interstate exits, intersections and other key points along your route.

Please go to Google Maps and enter this address: 538 Pine Hill Circle, Tarrant, AL 35217

Then click "Get Directions." You will be prompted to enter your starting address.

If you need further assistance with directions, just call us at 205-841-6766. However, please keep in mind that phone call volume may be very high on the weekends, and we may not be available to talk you through your route if you make a wrong turn or get turned around. We highly recommend that you use a reliable GPS system or app and/or print out directions before you head out.