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538 Pine Hill Circle
Tarrant, AL 35217  |  205-841-6766


This is a clarification of our long-standing policy regarding photography and videography on our farm:

We do not permit commercial photography or videography on our premises without prior permission from the owners. "Commercial photography or videography" means these services are being paid for by a person or business and/or are being used for a professional portfolio, regardless of whether the photographer/videographer is a professional, amateur or hobbyist.

Before Our Farm Opens:

Anyone who is interested in using the farm as a setting for photography or videography — for personal or commercial purposes —must call our office for advance permission. A fee applies. Availability is at the discretion of the owners.

During Our Operating Season:

  • We do not permit commercial photography or videography during our operating season.
  • Farm customers are welcome to take photographs or video to document their day. In other words, they may take photos/video for their own personal collection.
  • We do not permit photography in the gift shoppe.
  • Personal photographs and video may be shared on social media and elsewhere online as long as they are not for commercial purposes.
  • If you'd like to tag us on social media, our handle is @PineHillFarms on Instagram and Facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why can't I take commercial photos/videos in a public place such as your farm?

Our farm is accessible to the public during our operating season but it is still private property. We are glad to arrange pre-season dates for photo and video sessions for those who agree to pay a fee in advance.

I'm just getting started in photography and need pictures for my portfolio. I'm not getting paid.

If the photos/videos are to promote your or someone else's business, even if you're not being paid monetarily for them, that still counts as commercial purposes. You'll still need authorization.

If I happen to be a professional photographer or videographer, can I still use my pro equipment to take personal photos/videos?

Sure, as long as they are for personal purposes. Photos/videos posted as part of your professional portfolio, however, would be considered commercial use and are not allowed without prior permission.

Important Note:

Anyone attempting to use the farm for commercial photography/videography without proper authorization will be asked to cease immediately and leave the premises.